Dendritische Zellen bei Prostatakarzinom

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Es gab eine Zubereitung dendritischer Zellen, die zur Behandlung des Prostatakarzinoms in den USA und Europa zugelassen war:

Sanpower Group Agrees to Acquire Dendreon From Valeant for $819.9 Million
Prostate Cancer InfoLink: Another new owner for Provenge (17-01-2017)

Bis Mitte/Ende 2018 lief die Patientenrekrutierung der so genannten VIABLE-Studie:

Sponsor war/ist die Firma SOTIO aus der Tschechischen Republik.
SOTIO a.s.
Jankovcova 1518/2
Prague 7
170 00
Czech Republic


Beschreibung des Protokolls der VIABLE-Studie.

We conducted an open-label, single-arm Phase I/II clinical trial in metastatic CRPC (mCRPC) patients eligible for docetaxel combined with treatment with autologous mature dendritic cells (DCs) pulsed with killed LNCaP prostate cancer cells (DCVAC/PCa). The primary and secondary endpoints were safety and immune responses, respectively. Overall survival (OS), followed as a part of the safety evaluation, was compared to the predicted OS according to the Halabi and MSKCC nomograms.
In patients with mCRPC, the combined chemoimmunotherapy with DCVAC/PCa and docetaxel was safe and resulted in longer than expected survival. Concomitant chemotherapy did not preclude the induction of specific anti-tumor cytotoxic T cells.

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