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We suggest not using topical oxygen therapy as a primary or adjunctive intervention in diabetic foot ulcers including those that are difficult to heal. (Weak; Low)

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Conclusion: While these data are from a single-center and are single-armed, they represent the largest reported series of this therapy. This home-based therapy does show promise and warrants further investigation.


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Cost-effectiveness is another major factor which has not been considered in this study. In the developing countries of Asia and Africa, this can be a game changer over which treatment method is preferred considering the fact that this study doesn't prove any of the method to be superior. Studies have focussed on the high costs involved in VAC and its inability to be used on a regular basis in countries where the poor socioeconomic status of the patient makes it difficult (12). Though numerous studies have been conducted which use low cost VAC devices, large scale multicentric prospective studies are lacking regarding its efficacy (13). TOT in comparison to VAC, is cost effective considering the components which are required for its use(14,15). A sterile sealant, like a C arm cover, as well as continuous oxygen supply are ubiquitous in any hospital catering to orthopaedic and plastic surgery patients. Cost benefit studies are planned to be conducted in a full-fledged manner on the basis of the results of this pilot study.

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