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Therapie-Ansatz HBO

Mortality in COVID-19 is mainly associated with respiratory failure, cytokine storm, and macrophage activation. Oxygenation and anti-inflammatory effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) suggest that it is a promising adjunct treatment for COVID-19. Repeated sessions of HBO with standard COVID-19 therapy were used to reduce the inflammation and increase oxygenation. We evaluated the safety and efficacy of HBOT in avoiding the replacement ventilation and/or ECMO and its effect on the inflammatory process. Twenty-eight moderate-to-severe COVID-19 patients were randomized into control or HBOT group. HBOT patients participated in 5 hyperbaric sessions (60 min). Before and after each session blood gas levels and vital parameters were monitored. Blood samples were collected for extended biochemical tests, blood morphology and immunological assays. There were 3 deaths in the control, no deaths in the HBOT group. No adverse events leading to discontinuation of HBOT were observed and patients receiving HBOT required lower oxygen delivery. We observed decrease in CRP, ferritin and LDH and increase in CD3 in HBOT group compared to control. This study confirmed the feasibility and safety of HBOT in patients with COVID-19 and indicated HBOT can lead to alleviation of inflammation and partial restoration of T cell responses.

Methods: A total of 10 consecutive patients received 10 sessions of HBOT to 2.4 atmospheres over 12 days. Each treatment session lasted 105 minutes, consisting of three 30-minute exposures to 100% oxygen, interspersed with 5-minute air breaks. Validated fatigue and cognitive scoring assessments were performed at day 1 and 10. Statistical analysis was with Wilcoxon signed-rank testing reported alongside effect sizes.
Results: HBOT yielded a statistically significant improvement in the Chalder fatigue scale (p=0.0059; d=1.75 (very large)), global cognition (p=0.0137; d=-1.07 (large)), executive function (p=0.0039; d=-1.06 (large)), attention (p=0.0020; d=-1.2 (very large)), information processing (p=0.0059; d=-1.25 (very large)) and verbal function (p=0.0098; d=-0.92 (large)).

Systematic review:
Results: Eight articles from three countries were included. All the included studies had good and fair quality scores, with no poor studies included in this systematic review (Good: n = 5, Fair: n = 3). Studies were divided into clinical trials and case reports/series. Most of the studies used HBOT less than 1.5-2 absolute atmospheres (ATA) for 90 min sessions and thereafter sessions were decreased to 60 min. Trials demonstrated most of the patients recovered after receiving HBOT, and blood oxygen saturation increased after several sessions of HBOT.

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